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Live your life with love.

Uncover Your Truth, Well Being and Confidence.



I am Beryl Herrin and my passion is to help women live lives with more ease, radiance, grace and flow. People come to me during transitions in their life, loss, health issues, or wanting more inspiration and support.  All is welcome when we step into that sacred space together. What I offer is a recalibration of body, mind and soul so that you may align yourself with your heart centered dreams and destiny. I bring together the best of the east and west as we look at your life and see where you are soaring, where you are holding yourself back and where you want to shift. With Soul Coaching, Kundalini Yoga, Rasa Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Presence, we dive into the gem of who you are, how you can serve yourself, your family, community and world. 

No soul is the same and I will be by your side to create the distinctive life you crave. 



“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” 
― Yogi Bhajan







let's Journey into Radiance together


Soul Coaching:

My coaching philosophy is simple: If you crave it? You can create it.

A relationship that rocks. Money in the bank. A cranked-up sex drive. Friends you can count on. Teenagers who hug you instead of slamming the door in your face. A totally different feeling as you move through your day. Its all within your reach. But YOU have to make it happen for yourself. Nobody else. Y-O-U.

When you hire me for life coaching, I will work with you to identify what your “ideal life” looks like — and help you create a plan to get from here to there. Again: personal responsibility is the name of the game. I will hold you accountable every step of the way and “call you out” when I hear you whining, hiding, or giving less than your best. I will be holding you to a higher standard of excellence. (You might hate it at first, but once you start seeing and feeling results? You’ll be sending me bouquets of roses.)

Kundalini Yoga:

Your life’s reach rests solely in the depth of your exploration of your potential. The practice of Kundalini yoga delivers insight into your true being, taps into an energy source capable of shifting the way you experience life and of shifting the way life experiences you. Immerse yourself in the Kundalini Technology that was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan and discover the life you are destined to live!

Kundalini yoga is much more than a form of exercise. In every class our instructors combine physical asana with inspired teaching to create a soulful moving meditation. We offer a broad range of classes with experienced, connected teachers in an open, welcoming community of yogis. Whether you’re in the mood to work out or chill out, experience healing and rejuvenation, or connect with your inner Self, you’ll find the right class for today


Make yourself so happy
so that when others look at you they become happy too
— Yogi Bhajan
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